Honokaa Seventh-day Adventist Church
Honokaa Seventh-day Adventist Church
To Restore the Image of God in Man
To Restore the Image of God in Man

Honoka'a SDA 2010 Audio Sermons

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Date Title Presenter
2010-12-24 Escaping the World Lloyd Renshaw Play
2010-12-10 Freedom Janie Woodward Play
2010-12-03 The Heart Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2010-12-03 The Chasings of Love Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2010-11-26 In Christ, We're New Creatures Steve Koshel Play
2010-11-19 All By Myself Michael Andres Play
2010-11-12 Love Feels Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2010-10-22 The Lie About Love Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2010-10-15 Enmity Aaron Wilson Play
2010-10-08 The Things We Do For Love Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2010-10-01 Relationship, Taking Responsibility Chett Maruyama Play
2010-09-17 Gods Lesson of Humility For Me Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2010-09-03 Gods Lesson of Suffering for Me Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2010-08-13 True to Principles: Part II Sung Hoon Kang Play
2010-08-06 True to Principles: Part I Sung Hoon Kang Play
2010-07-30 Ye Are My Friends Aaron Wilson Play
2010-07-23 Testimonies Students Play
2010-07-09 Being Fully Known & Fully Loved Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2010-07-02 From The Ends Of The Earth Giancarlo Miranda Play
2010-06-25 Without A Shelter Brian Beavers Play
2010-06-11 Our God Is In Control Pastor Keala Play
2010-06-04 Colporteur Testimonies Brittany, Aaron and Josh Play
2010-05-28 The Falling Out Of Love Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2010-05-28 The Sealing and the Time of Trouble Giancarlo Miranda Play
2010-05-21 The Shaking In Gods Church Giancarlo Miranda Play
2010-05-21 Rest, Because It Is Without Hands Giancarlo Miranda Play
2010-05-07 A Rest From Our Work Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2010-04-30 Follow The Lamb Pastor Ralph Watts Play
2010-04-23 Exhorting One Another Pastor Dave Westbrook Play
2010-04-16 On The Border Experience Samiu Moala Play
2010-04-09 The High Stakes Of Love Pastor Keala Play
2010-04-02 The Lost Sheep, The Good Shepherd Steve Koshel Play
2010-03-26 Jesus Christ Formula For Peace Elder Leroy Washington Play
2010-03-19 The Power of Love Pastor Keala Play
2010-03-12 I Have Tasted And Seen That The Lord Is Good Samiu Moala Play
2010-03-05 Seeing Gods Thoughts And Feelings Pastor Keala Play
2010-02-19 To See Him As He Is Pastor Keala Play
2010-02-12 A Profile In Faith Pastor Eric Alindogan Play
2010-01-29 Sins Distorted Picture Pastor Keala Play
2010-01-15 Gods Last Chance For Love Pastor Keala Play

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Place: Kamuela, HI

Start: 02:20 PM, Jul 30 2021

End: 02:19 PM, Jul 31 2021

John 14:1-3