Honokaa Seventh-day Adventist Church
Honokaa Seventh-day Adventist Church
To Restore the Image of God in Man
To Restore the Image of God in Man

Honokaa SDA 2011 Audio Sermons

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Date Title Presenter
2011-12-16 Do I Know Him Matthew Belonio Play
2011-12-09 A Prophetic Generation Pastor Jesse Siebel Play
2011-11-18 Our Higher Calling Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2011-11-03 Family First I Thom & Alane Waters Play
2011-10-28 Get Out Of The Cities Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2011-10-14 The Unending Love Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2011-10-07 The Worst Grandpa Ever: A Parable Chris Larson Play
2011-09-30 Get Ready Steve Koshel Play
2011-09-23 Plugging In Janie Woodward Play
2011-09-16 The Five W's Keith Artele Play
2011-09-09 Bring Back The Glory Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2011-08-26 Fight The Good Fight Adrian Ferro Play
2011-08-05 Badventist, Madventist, and Angry Christians Michael Andres Play
2011-07-29 Family LeRoy Washington Play
2011-07-22 Salt Of The Earth Jim Kiyabu Play
2011-07-15 Land Of The Free Peter Chong Play
2011-07-08 Same Presence (Present), Different Results Karen Shawe Play
2011-07-01 Behind The Scenes Abert Moniz Jr. Play
2011-06-24 Voice of One Jordan Chaves Play
2011-06-17 The Third Angels Message In Verity Sung Hoon Kang Play
2011-06-10 Can You Help Me? Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2011-05-27 Prison Ministry II Dr. Cleveland Houser Play
2011-05-27 Prison Ministry I Dr. Cleveland Houser Play
2011-05-20 How Ready Is Ready? Lloyd Renshaw Play
2011-05-13 Conquer Or Be Conquered Jodi Lesli Play
2011-05-06 Our Safeguard Aaron Wilson Play
2011-04-29 This Is It Fernando Martinez Play
2011-04-22 The Lord Has A Will Joey Freitas Play
2011-04-15 The Two Spirits Marco Beltran Play
2011-04-08 The Good Donkey Marshall Freitas Play
2011-04-01 The Relationship Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2011-04-01 Visions and Dreams Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2011-03-25 Gods Message and His Word Steve Koshel Play
2011-03-18 The Closet, The Living Room, and The Church Enrique Martinez Play
2011-03-11 The Delivery Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2011-03-11 What Are You Doing In Gaza Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2011-02-25 The Appeal Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2011-02-25 God Will Prosper Us Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2011-02-18 Listen Up Michael Andres Play
2011-02-11 The Imagination Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2011-02-11 The Leading of the Holy Spirit Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2011-02-04 Raising Up The Jacob Generation Junior Kumpel Play
2011-01-28 The Sermon Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2011-01-28 Believe Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2011-01-21 Earthly Gain Vs. Heavenly Riches Feryl Harris Play
2011-01-14 Moses and Martin on the Mountain Top LeRoy Washington Play
2011-01-07 The Study Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2011-01-07 Love's Unlikely Enemies Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2010-12-31 Hope in Jesus Steve Koshel Play

Sabbath Time


Place: Kamuela, HI

Start: 02:20 PM, Jul 30 2021

End: 02:19 PM, Jul 31 2021

John 14:1-3