Honokaa Seventh-day Adventist Church
Honokaa Seventh-day Adventist Church
To Restore the Image of God in Man
To Restore the Image of God in Man


About Keala Thompson:

 Keala (kay-ah-lah) Thompson at one time sought only to please himself through anything that he thought was fun and exciting. Early in life, he was already into drinking, partying and relationships. By the time he was in College, he was deeply involved in the night club scene with its music, fashion, hip hop dancing and popularity; searching for what he thought was true happiness. Then unexpectedly, the fun all came to a halt. With heartache after heartache, Keala soon found himself broken and humbled with much pain and hurt. He felt that he had lost all hope. It was soon after this that another opportunity for fun and excitement opened up, as he was picked up at a night club, to dance hip hop professionally for concerts and videos. But it was at this very same time that Keala also heard the voice of God calling, that if he wanted true happiness, he would have to come to Him. Keala did listen. And suddenly everything changed…Keala Thompson is now the Pastor of the Honokaa and Kohala Seventh-day Adventist Churches in the Hawaii Conference. He is also the speaker of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries, which is a ministry that is committed in giving a clarion call, in these last days. Today Keala has a burden within his heart to share the truth of who God is, so that others may see His love, and thus experience the passion and joy of serving Him!


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The Power of Healing

"Facing Your Closet:  Healing Your Emotional Wounds" Series

The Gate Beautiful


Photo of Ivor Myers

Ivor Myers

Ivor Myers once belonged to an aspiring hip hop group named The Boogiemonsters. Appearing on programs such as Soul Train and BET and featured in magazines like Vibe and Rolling Stone, they were headed for stardom. However, while recording their first album of their eight album contract with EMI Records, Ivor was introduced to the gospel of Jesus Christ. After his eye-opening revelation, he left the industry. Together, Ivor and his wife, Antonte, host 3ABN's "Battle of Faith" television program and are founders of "Power of the Lamb Ministries." Ivor also is the president and founder of ARME Bible Camp, a ministry dedicated in equipping God's people in Bible study and prayer. He is an ordained minister that currently pastors at the Templeton Hills Church in Templeton, CA. 

Sabbath Time


Place: Kamuela, HI

Start: 11:45 AM, Dec 08 2023

End: 11:45 AM, Dec 09 2023

John 14:1-3